Friday, September 2, 2016

What is happiness

 What is happiness? The dictionary defines happiness as a total emotional state of well being.

Yet, if happiness is merely a feeling that all is well in life, how is it truly achieved? Can it be achieved? I am sure like me you have surely felt joy, or even contentment. Perhaps at some point you have sat back and rationalized that most things in life are good. Does that mean you have achieved happiness?

Happiness somehow seems to be more of a finish line than an emotion. It seems to be more something you reach than just are. How do we reach this place where we can stand and shout, "I am happy!" Is it financial well being? Is it success? What is the race you are running to reach the finish line we refer to as happiness?

Is happiness truly reachable within a lifetime? If it is reached what more is there to reach for? Once happiness is achieved do we simply stop striving for better? Do we no longer want to be more? I personally feel that I have not yet reached happiness, but rather than be displeased with this finding, I allow it to be a motivator. I do not want my happiness to be fixated on what I am content with in this single moment.

Others may debate that happiness is not a destination, rather an emotion like any other. So I ask what other emotional requires a total state of well being, in order for you to feel it?  None. You can feel contentment and yet not settle within that contentment. Contentment is not an end, it is a mid ground to where you are going. Joy allows you not to fall prey to despair, and all other emotions serve a distinct purpose as well. However, the achievement of happiness seems to leave uncertainty. How you define happiness, is likely not the same as your neighbor, perhaps not even the same as your spouse, or friend. Happiness is a variable with a wide scope of explanation, yet so many use it loosely to describe something mundane... "This coffee makes me happy." but does it really?

As I ponder what happiness is, I will not give up on achieving that ultimate goal. Winning the ultimate prize. For me, happiness is a finish line, a motivator and something I am determined to spend my whole life seeking. What is happiness to you? 


  1. At 54, happiness meant different things to me at different stages of my life. Right now, I am happy just having good health, a stable income and my teen boys not getting into trouble of any kind. I also learned that happiness is a choice! You choose to either move on or fester in a past hurt or situation you were in.

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